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[Jakarta-velocity Wiki] Update of "VelocityFAQ" by ShinobuKawaiYoshida

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VelocityTools doesn't work with Struts 1.2!

   * Q: (since VelocityTools 1.2) Why doesn't my non-web use of Velocity no longer work?  For example, I have code that allows the user to send email (based on a Velocity template) from a web app and it no longer works.
   * A: One possibility is that it might not be sharing a configuration with !VelocityViewServlet. More specifically, !VelocityViewServlet was previously based on a singleton Velocity class.  If you had other uses of Velocity within the same webapp that also used the singleton Velocity class, they would share configuration data.  Now !VelocityViewServlet uses a !VelocityEngine instance to process templates.  You can get this instance for other uses of velocity by calling get!VelocityEngine from a subclass.  Or, create and configure a second instance of !VelocityEngine.  (while slightly more involved, this allows different configuration options which are often desired).  (Will Glass-Husain)
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+  * Q: VelocityTools doesn't work with Struts 1.2!
+  * A: For Struts 1.2, you need VelocityTools 1.2, which is still under development.  You can get nightly snapshots at http://cvs.apache.org/snapshots/velocity-tools/.
  === DVSL & Anakia & Texen & Misc ===
   * Q: Is DVSL stable enough for use in production environment?

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